Our On The Spot mobile tool empowers you to capture data efficiently, and then translate that data into the immediate, real world action you need to grow your business. Our vision is to provide businesses of all sizes - and across all industries - an online software system (SaaS) that is reliable and affordable. Clients use On The Spot for customer and employee feedback, field data collection, menu testing, sensory food research, consumer sensory testing, panels, and more!  Build you email marketing list. 

Get more LIKES on Facebook and REVIEWS on Google.  If a customer has a high NPS score you have the option to go right to your location-specific Facebook page so they can LIKE your business or to your Google review page!

Setting up mobile forms and surveys is a snap. Our intuitive user-interface gives you the ability to publish a customized survey in less than 15 minutes. And because On The Spot Systems® works on any iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Smartphone, Android Tablet or computer, users are more willing to engage, giving you the most accurate information possible, through a fun and easy collection process.

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There is no need to download an App!  You pick your own word - most often your company or product name!

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Our surveys can be accessed via desktop web browsers, and the following mobile service platforms:

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TEXT DEMOS TO 787839 to see how our unique Txt4Survey capability works to start surveys with a text message.  

There is no need to download an App!  You pick your own custom word to start surveys (typically your business or product name!)



Real-time, market level insight

On The Spot Systems® is the perfect solution for a business seeking real-time, market level insight; this includes collecting competitive data, food safety audits, or compiling store visitation checklists for merchandise management and standards control.

Your data collection forms can be automatically initiated in the field via email or text message, and QR codes at your location validate on-site visits. Our software's ability to run on various devices gives you (and your team) access to location specific data you need to maintain and grow your business.

On The Spot Systems® requires no proprietary software to run, and gives you various points during the process to see the audit feedback being provided--view and compare results in an Excel, CSV or PDF document before a field visit, at the end of the field user's route, or at any time during the audit period across your locations.

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Give your business an advantage

On The Spot Systems helps you create a more enriching user experience because we understand that a great service starts with proactively addressing issues. Our survey tool provides you instantaneous feedback, which in turn, allows you to remedy any service concerns quickly and easily. The data On The Spot Systems delivers will help you set (and surpass) satisfaction objectives, whether it's improving day-to-day operations or exceeding long-term service goals.

This enables you to foster a more meaningful relationship with your users, keeping them up-to-date on your business' news, promotions, and special opportunities.

Get more LIKES on Facebook and REVIEWS on Google.  If a customer has a high NPS score you have the option to go right to your location-specific Facebook page so they can LIKE your business or to your Google review page!

On The Spot Systems requires no proprietary software to run and gives you the ability to view and compare results through our online real-time web portal, or in an Excel, CSV or PDF document.

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Completely mobile data collection experience

On the Spot Systems provides sophisticated capabilities that will allow you to gather feedback from people on the go. Using our easy-to-use web portal, you can create customized branded surveys that are immediately available on almost any smartphone,tablet, or iPod touch. And the system offers a wide range of question types--and has branching, skipping, and randomization logic built in.

Regardless of the scope of your project, all data is collected, categorized, and instantaneously sent to you for deeper analysis and decision-making.


Leverage mobile technology

Introducing a new product can be an arduous process. However, On The Spot Systems gives you the capability to track and analyze sentiment for a new or existing product without the limitations that make focus groups or paper forms unreliable.

Our innovative survey tool lets you ask the questions you want to ask, in a format that fits your content (choose from over 20 unique question types), to refine and truly learn from the data you receive.

Surveys can be initiated from QR codes directly on packaging, or via text messages, or from a unique URL. This means getting your participants' thoughts is immediate and simple for you and them.

Product Feedback Research Example

Conferences and Events Data


On-site Insights®

On The Spot Systems is a great solution for event organizers looking to learn more from the attendees at theirs conferences, events, or training seminars. Your survey can cover everything from the registration process and individual, to feedback on the facilities, or the conference as a whole.

All that attendees need to do is access your survey on their phone, tablet or iPod, and the feedback they provide is automatically tabulated and sent to you for consideration.

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