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How to add the right beverages and desserts to the menu mix

By Alicia Kelso, Senior Editor of

October 16th, 2013 |Thanks in large part to Starbucks, McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts, beverages have been on trend for many years now. It doesn't hurt that beverages add nontraditional daypart occasions and high-margin incremental sales.

Redefined desserts are starting to do the same. Sonic, for example, just reintroduced its cheesecake bites, fitting the "snacking" trend without going to excess.

With these menu items, however, there is a tricky balance in finding "on trend" and "trend forward" innovations, according to Rolie Zagnoli, managing director the Zagnoli Trading Company.

Ken Kimmel Fast Casual Summit Executive Speaker 2013"You don't want to be too far out. Companies confuse real innovation with novelty. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it," he said. To find the right balance, it's important to find key differentiators with products, and to "be students of the industry."

Millennials are driving many of the hot and cold beverage trends, with iced tea and specialty coffees leading the serving totals. They're followed by juices/lemonades/shakes and smoothies. To develop a "trend forward" line, Zagnoli suggests experimenting with craft carbonation, nonalcoholic drinks, energy drinks with higher juice content, flavored dessert drinks, freshly-brewed teas with fruit and botanicals, and juice beverages with global influences.

Zagnoli was joined by Louis Basile, founder and president of Wildflower Bread Company; Ken Kimmel, former SVP at Baskin-Robbins and current president of On The Spot Systems; and Richard Yoo, former senior director of new product innovation at McDonald's and current VP of innovation at Mattson & Company, for a panel on "New Menu Stars: Beverages and Desserts" at the Fast Casual Executive Summit this week in New Orleans. Each of the executives provided background stories and tips on how to execute these on-demand menu options.

Kimmel: Know your voice and how to talk to your customers.

Kimmel's experience at Dunkin' Brands offered him a glimpse into the company's strategy: Sell coffee plus one (the plus one is one of the brand's signature bakery items). Dunkin' also tied in a "democratic" marketing campaign with a message surrounding accessibility.

"At our restaurants, you could find a Harvard professor, the landscaper from down the street and a mom in a minivan. This is what we wanted," he said.

When products came up for potential rollout, the company would "Dunkin-ize" them by making them fast and accessible.

Kimmel added that it's also important not to be afraid to fail. Dunkin's original espresso-based drinks failed, he said, but the company revisited the platform 10 years later and now they're a "tremendous" part of the company's portfolio. He also warned against being bullied into doing something just because a competitor was doing it very well.

"We are coffee plus one, not hot doughnuts. Don't let a current flashy trend push you in the wrong direction," Kimmel said.

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Friendly’s ensures a relevant menu with new mobile menu testing platform

By Rebecca Borison, Editorial assistant for Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer

August 5th, 2013 |­­As Friendly’s Ice Cream takes advantage of opportunities to leverage innovative mobile technologies, the company has engaged On The Spot Systems to help drive its internal menu testing and R&D initiatives.

As the leader in location specific, real-time worldwide mobile surveys, On The Spot Systems tailored its SaaS tool to Friendly’s needs for more efficient and accurate menu testing. Friendly’s began using the mobile survey solution in January to conduct internal and consumer taste panels at its test kitchen in Wilbraham, MA.

The use of On The Spot Systems’ tool allows Friendly’s to ensure that menu development efforts are à la mode- attuned to market demands. By reinvigorating its menu, Friendly’s ensures that its products remain relevant to consumers’ preferences and constantly evolving tastes, leading to a more competitive edge.

During these panels, respondents are asked to assess new menu items and variations on Friendly’s popular classics. These tests allow Friendly’s R&D team to assess the potential success of new menu items and variations on its classic products in real-time.

Friendlys Menu Testing Survey Board Image

“On The Spot System’s mobile menu testing survey and analytics platform is integral to our menu research and development; This technology allows us to realize our culinary efforts faster and more efficiently than ever before,” said Brad Schiff, Friendly’s EVP and Chief Marketing Officer.“We can focus on the culinary creativity and innovation that’s vital to our menu creation process and eliminate the administrative burden associated with transposing and tabulating data from paper forms. Now I know how each product performed before the first plates are cleared from the table.”

“We are thrilled that Friendly’s has benefitted from the real-time value of our mobile survey analytics capabilities, especially in the context of introducing limited time offer menu items,” said Ken Kimmel, President of On The Spot Systems. “Our intimate knowledge of the restaurant industry combined with our data collection tool is making it possible for Friendly’s management to immediately assess and understand the potential of each new product, and quickly determine the winners.”

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Not Your Average Results! On The Spot Systems Helps Not Your Average Joe's Double Customer Email Collection Rate

Casual Dining Chain Has Collected More than 70,000 Customer Email Addresses Using On The Spot's Signature Mobile Customer Feedback Tool

June, 2013 |­­Not Your Average Joe's, an 18-unit casual dining chain in the Northeast, recently surpassed a major milestone with the collection of its 70,000th customer email using On The Spot® Systems' signature mobile customer feedback and list building tool. On The Spot Systems is the world leader in location-specific, real-time mobile data collection technology.

Not Your Average Joe's Survey BoardSince 2011, Not Your Average Joe's has utilized On The Spot's mobile platform to deploy real-time guest satisfaction surveys; as a result, they have received over 700,000 completed surveys to date. Not Your Average Joe's worked with On The Spot to develop a two-part strategy to remove friction by providing the guests with the devices to take the survey and also by incorporating the survey into the steps of service at the end of each meal. The company administers the surveys during "available guest time(TM)" -- the time when a patron's check is being processed -- by providing guests with a device programmed to run the survey. As they complete the satisfaction survey, guests are prompted to join the restaurant's email loyalty club. On The Spot's survey technology is designed to collect the customer's personal and contact information and automatically feed the company's email marketing and loyalty club providers such as Fishbowl and Paytronix.

Steve Silverstein, the founder and CEO, of Not Your Average Joe's, recognizes the cost- effectiveness of using mobile to collect guest feedback and emails in real-time in his restaurants without an incentive or reward. Since switching to On The Spot, Not Your Average Joe's has doubled its previous rate of customer email address collection and seen an impressive increase in completed guest satisfaction surveys to over 1500 per restaurant each month.

"On The Spot Systems has revolutionized how we manage the operations and marketing of our restaurants more than any other tool in our history, and allows our staff to be 'guest obsessed' at all times," said Silverstein. "We have instant access to actionable data about our menu, service, and overall customer experience - which is critical to managing our day-to-day success - and we're primed for even more growth with how quickly we've built our email marketing list."

"The restaurant industry is fast-paced and competitive," said On The Spot Systems President Ken Kimmel. "Having the ability to capture and react to customer insights in real-time gives Not Your Average Joe's a clear advantage over its competition still using more traditional methods for surveys and email club signups. We congratulate Steve and his team on this incredible milestone."

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Do You Know this Simple Way to Dramatically Increase Your Customer Responses to Online Surveys?

By Julie Ricchuito

May, 2013 |­­Bart Golub, Manager of Slot Marketing for Tropicana Las Vegas, explains how The Tropicana Las Vegas re-invigorated their Players Club by using emerging mobile data collection technology to grow their loyal customer base using On The Spot Systems' mobile survey tool.

As part of an initiative to re-market the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to younger generations to come, the Trop had to look closely at the ways that they were communicating with their target audience.

"We just began a large-scale marketing campaign on the Las Vegas Strip to drive new enrollments to the Trop Plus Players Club," said Bart Golub, Manager of Slot Marketing for the Tropicana Las Vegas. The Trop took the opportunity to look at other areas of their marketing and customer loyalty operations and decided it was also time for a much-needed facelift to the Trop Plus Players Club enrollment process.

The Trop began using the On The Spot Systems mobile survey platform in early December 2012 and have already received over 3,000 submissions for the Trop Players Club in under 4 months.

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Fuddruckers beefs up customer service with mobile on-the-spot feedback

By Chantal Tode

April, 2013 |­­Fast casual restaurant chain Fuddruckers is leveraging mobile at multiple locations to support customer service by making it easy for consumers to provide feedback on the spot. Customers at over 115 Fuddruckers locations will be able to provide feedback on their dining experiences by visiting a mobile-optimized site, scanning a QR code using a smartphone or tablet or via SMS. The benefit of using mobile for customer feedback is that it is convenient for customers and enables businesses to get instant feedback.

Fuddruckers Survey Preview

“The majority of customers dining at restaurant chains like Fuddruckers have mobile phones,” said Ken Kimmel, president of On The Spot Systems, Newton, MA. “On The Spot makes it convenient for customers to provide real-time feedback from their smartphone while still in the restaurant.

“Restaurant chains like Fuddruckers will receive more feedback with mobile than traditional paper or Web feedback forms, and the feedback is immediate and actionable,” he said. “With the number of smartphone and tablet users in the United States over 55 percent, it’s a smart way to embrace mobile as a two-way vehicle for interacting with their customers.

“It also ensures that their customers are being communicated with in a way that fits into their lives.”

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On The Spot Systems allows brick-and-mortar retail locations to collect real-time, actionable customer survey data

Featured Startup Pitch by StartUp Beat

November, 2012 |­­At On The Spot Systems, based in Newton, Mass., we are the leader in location-specific, real-time worldwide mobile surveys. Using smartphones and tablet technology, we have created an elegantly simple way for businesses to leverage mobile technology to receive location-specific data which enables them to make better business decisions. Our Survey on the Spot feedback tool is a cost effective platform for capturing real-time customer and employee feedback, obtaining field data, building email lists, and implementing marketing research programs.

Along with Geoff Palmer, I co-founded On The Spot Systems in 2009. While this is my first entrepreneurial endeavor, Geoff is well versed in developing and implementing innovate business and strategic solutions.

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12x12: Connecting Massachusetts Startups to the Next Phase

Story by Michael Greeley, Andy Ory, and Scott Savitz

August, 2012 |­­All entrepreneurs—even those that have already secured financing—need a great network of supporters to keep advancing their ventures to that “next” phase. So, it is exciting and really gratifying being in a position to open doors and make introductions for energetic young startups. As chairs of the Mass Tech Hub Collaborative’s 12x12 Initiative, we facilitate new connections for entrepreneurs and support expanded success across the Massachusetts startup ecosystem.

Other individual success stories include Shareaholic recently topping 1.5 million downloads of its app and snagging former Yahoo CTO Raymie Stata as a new board advisor. And Smart Lunches has steadily been growing its number of partner schools, daycares, and camps (now up to 40), so that their orders quadrupled between last April and May alone and are on track for similar expansion in the fall. Also, On the Spot Systems continues to land impressive deals for use of its mobile survey technology, including those with Not Your Average Joe’s, the Ninety-Nine Restaurants, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and PepsiCo Foodservice, Inc.

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Survey Says: No Cards iPads used for restaurant and retail surveys

By Fred Minnick

June, 2012 |
  The iPhone and iPad have changed American life. Now, they’re replacing the survey postcard at restaurants, thanks to Survey On The Spot. Company co-founders Geoff Palmer and Ken Kimmel saw the potential in cellular technology a decade ago. “Geoff [is] a serial entrepreneur,” Kimmel says. “When he showed me [his] camera phone, I was the chief marketing officer for Dunkin’ Donuts, and said, ‘if I could get a picture of the doughnut case in every Dunkin’ Donuts at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I’d know how well [the store] was run.’”

That technology wasn’t available at that time, but the wheels began turning. How could Kimmel use this new technology to measure store efficiency and product quality?

The two started creating demoware, initially focusing on the ability to show managers and executives store-level operations but changing focus to real-time surveys taken by customers at the table. The original plan had customers using their own phones to take the survey, but because that first step was still consumer-initiated and subject to low return numbers, the two decided to invest in iPhones and iPads. By placing the survey at tables, like postcards, managers receive guest feedback in real time.

Ninety Nine Restaurants WaitressData gathering

For Steve Silverstein, founder and CEO of casual dining chain Not Your Average Joe’s, Survey On The Spot is the perfect resource for collecting customer data. “In my experience, it’s always been very difficult to get good survey information from restaurant customers,” he says. Survey On The Spot offers web surveys, an iPhone/iPad app and mobile-friendly HTML5 for collecting data. Not Your Average Joe’s receives about 300 surveys weekly per restaurant. “That data gets organized into a report that I see every morning,” Silverstein says. “It shows all 17 of our restaurants on a grid, with the restaurants on one axis and characteristics on another.” Silverstein measures food, service and speed of service, and the color-coded grid lets managers know how they’re performing.

Reports can be gathered from a computer screen within the system or be drawn up in Excel files, Palmer says; much of this depends on the size of the customer. “A large customer would automatically feed information to their business intelligence systems,” he says.

Ninety Nine Restaurants Menu Testing Survey iPhoneProduct testing

Casual-dining group Ninety Nine Restaurants uses Survey on the Spot for product testing, says Brad Schiff, vice president of marketing for the 106-location chain. Schiff says they measure things like portion size, value, presentation and flavor.

“We have benchmarks on the ratings,” Schiff says. “Sometimes an item can score pretty well, and score great on a lot of different aspects, but they may have one particularity. For instance, maybe customers like the flavor and they like the portion, but they don’t like the presentation, but it’s got a good score. What we can do is isolate that presentation factor and plan exactly what can be done to help enhance that, so they could get a much better score.”

In the test restaurants, Ninety Nine Restaurants execute the survey in the same fashion and see scores from corporate offices. “We’re able to monitor the data,” Schiff says. “If there are any major issues, right away, we’re able to address it.” Plus, the data just keeps flowing in.

“We used to do paper surveys, like comment cards, and we’ve more than doubled the amount of people who fill these out,” Schiff says. “I think [today’s consumers] just think it’s such a neat little piece of machinery to be able to use, and we get a lot of the younger guests using it now too because they’re growing up in a world of these kind of things.”

Ninety Nine Restaurant Bar Location SurveyActing on data

Perhaps the best attribute of Survey On The Spot is the immediacy of improvement. Within seconds of processing a poor score, users can fix the problem “as opposed to waiting a week for paper comments to get back to you, and by then it may not even matter anymore,” Schiff says. “The immediacy, the accuracy is great because you get the complete survey filled out — for good or bad, you’re able to see a reflection of what the guests think.”

Silverstein says Not Your Average Joe’s does not typically act upon the data immediately, but tries to understand it. “The data is insight,” he says.

When one store continued getting low reports, Silverstein met with the team to find out what was going on. In cases like this, instead of acting upon a single incident, Silverstein analyzes the operation. Was the food cold? Was it slow to the table?

“Somebody will go through all those surveys and look to see what’s going on,” he says. “What were the exact details? Not only are there quantitative measures, there are qualitative factors in the questions. The survey asks, if there’s a problem, ‘Can you tell us what the problem was?’ The customer says the food was cold.”

From there, staff will form a plan to fix the problem. Often, it’s an easy fix, Silverstein says; if the problem is severe, they might contact the guest via e-mail.

Marketing efforts

Not Your Average Joe’s also is able to use Survey On The Spot for promotions. After filling out the survey, customers frequently sign up for the e-mail marketing program.

“About one-third of surveys taken join an e-mail club,” Silverstein says. That’s roughly 88,000 people signing up for Not Your Average Joe’s marketing program without any kind of incentive. “Survey On The Spot is generating a lot of e-mail membership.”

Kimmel says this type of e-mail capture typically come from $5 coupons and sweepstakes. “Those are really kind of mind-boggling numbers,” he says.

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Where's The App? The Amazing Future of Mobile Apps Being Enabled by HTML5

Casual Dining Chain Has Collected More than 70,000 Customer Email Addresses Using On The Spot's Signature Mobile Customer Feedback Tool

April, 2012 |
  So, I am not a technologist or engineer, but I can certainly understand the huge opportunity that has presented itself to mobile developers with the rising tide of HTML5.

You see, it starts like this: our company, On The Spot Systems, had built a business model based on utilizing mobile devices to easily collect and report data from people on the go. Our original vision was that people around the world would be clamoring to download our free iPhone app (and soon to be Android and Blackberry apps) so they could answer surveys for businesses wherever they were. The feedback would go straight to the business owner and the consumer would receive a reward. Neat. Except…

Nobody wants to have a survey app on their phone. I mean really, what's the point? Unless every retailer in the world is participating, finding people to take surveys was like looking for a needle in a haystack; whether at retail, restaurants or medical clinics. The notion that someone would come into a store, read some merchandising materials or their register receipt AND THEN download our app so they could take a survey in exchange for a coupon was almost as hard to believe as the likelihood of their going home to their computer and taking a survey on the web. Not too likely. (Really, how often do you do this?)

And then comes a pivot. In the last year HTML5 has become a gamechanger as mobile devices support more advanced features. Now, developers can emulate 95% of native app functionality and UI, without the need for an app. We can start Survey On The Spot surveys easily with a link or QR code. Changes to functionality can be made on the fly without having to release a new app to the store and convince your users to update. Are there limitations? Sure, for now. But that said, we have implemented capabilities and features like off-line data collection and numerous new question types in less time than it takes to get approval to distribute a native app. Weigh that against the cost of developing, maintaining and updating multiple apps for multiple platforms, and you think you have died and gone to heaven.

At the end of the day, will the use of native apps wane as the convenience of HTML5 mobile web apps for both consumers and developers grows? The use of HTML5 may increase the adoption of QR codes as consumers use them to start HTML5 apps. Making mobile apps easier to access should lead to an increase into adoption and more consistent use. The opportunities presented by this new technology have the potential to change how the world views, uses and develops apps in the future.

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Mobile's role in delivering real-time product feedback

Article by Ken Kimmel for Mobile Marketer

May, 2012 |
  The concept of real-time response is making a significant shift with the rapid adoption of smartphones across the country and around the world.

To date, the notion of real-time has referred to the ability to deliver Web results as soon as they are posted via a web site. This process has been most frequently anchored to the use of a computer with an Internet connection. Data is delivered as immediately as you can get to your computer, which may not be that immediately at all.

The real thing We are now seeing – really seeing – what is happening in “real” real-time. The ease of implementation of easy-to-use mobile feedback systems allows virtually any organization to gather data when they can most effectively use it to make business decisions that can significantly affect performance.

The technology is being rapidly adopted across a variety of use cases.

The ability to easily deploy mobile data collection tools and report the results in formats that can be tailored to business needs is driving this activity. Here are some of the ways we are seeing this technology being used.

Better understanding customer feedback and sentiment presents a real opportunity for businesses in the hospitality sector.

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Customer Surveys: 5 Things You Need To Know

Article by HuffPost Business

February, 2012 |
  Surveying your customers regularly and in a variety of ways is a critical part of running a successful business, regardless of your industry, product or service. Surveys measure satisfaction -- or dissatisfaction -- with your offerings, determine critical needs and offer an opportunity to effectively communicate and build truly personal relationships with your customers. And when you take both praise and criticism to heart in order to fulfill the true needs of these customers, you build invaluable loyalty that can create buzz around your business and bring in enthusiastic, highly qualified referrals.

Still, many business owners don't use regular surveys as an opportunity to reach out to their customers and really get to know them. For some reason, they fail to realize that satisfied customers are the key to staying in business for the long haul. As Paul Conforti, co-founder and CEO of Boston-based Final Desserterie, puts it, "In the game of business, sales and profit are how we keep score. But the game itself is all about customer satisfaction. Small-business owners need to be able to measure customer satisfaction to truly understand how well they're playing the game -- and customer surveys are the primary way of doing that."

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On The Spot Systems Partners with PepsiCo Foodservice to Offer Exclusive Discount on Real-Time Customer Feedback Technology

Survey On The Spot® Mobile Solution Offers Enhanced Feedback and Improved Customer Insights for PepsiCo Foodservice Customers

PepsiCo Foodservice GlobalJune 6, 2012 |  On The Spot Systems®, Inc., a leader in location specific, real-time worldwide mobile surveys, today announced an exclusive discount for PepsiCo Foodservice division customers on the company’s signature customer feedback tool, Survey On The Spot®.  This exclusive opportunity provides Pepsi-serving restaurants, stadiums, theme parks, colleges and universities a significant discount on the Survey On The Spot mobile solution – the first of its kind.  On The Spot Systems will provide a 25% discount on its “Basic” and “Pro” plans, as well as a 30-day free trial for new customers.

This discount program allows PepsiCo Foodservice customers to take advantage of Survey On The Spot’s unique features, including real-time customer feedback for service-focused industries, email list building, instant management alerts, and automated user-friendly reporting.  PepsiCo StadiumThe simple, cost effective platform allows users to capture customer and employee feedback “on the spot” by using smartphones or tablet technology. Fully customizable surveys allow individualized branding without the need for a proprietary application and deliver immediate insights into guest satisfaction, market research and field data collection.

“We recognize that customer satisfaction is paramount to PepsiCo Foodservice,” said On The Spot Systems President Ken Kimmel. “With Survey On The Spot, we can get real-time, actionable feedback into the right people’s hands to quickly fix potential issues.  We are proud to help PepsiCo Foodservice customers reach the highest standards of customer service and guest satisfaction.”

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On The Spot Systems Secures $750,000 in Seed Funding

Real-Time Mobile Survey Provider Will Use Proceeds to Fund Next Stage of Growth

January 17, 2012 |  On The Spot Systems®, a real-time mobile survey provider, today announced that it has closed a round of seed investment funding for $750,000 shared by Kepha Partners, a Waltham venture capital firm, Angel Street Capital of Providence, and Mike Sheehan, a strategic investor. The funding will enable the company to expand its market presence in food service and address emerging opportunities for mobile data collection in industries ranging from retail to healthcare and service organizations.

"This is a significant vote of confidence in our company and allows us to continue to explore the different and meaningful ways that our technology can be used," said On The Spot Systems co-founder and CEO Geoff Palmer. "The growth we've experienced demonstrates that real-time customer and employee feedback from mobile devices is valued by organizations in a wide range of industries. With this funding we can expand our scope and explore new markets that will benefit from our solutions." Palmer was also a co-founder of uLocate, a start-up that became WHERE, Inc., which was acquired last year by PayPal.

With the new capital, On The Spot Systems is looking forward to growing its team and will be investing in engineering, sales and marketing and enhancing customer support.

"On The Spot Systems has grown impressively from bootstrapped to profitable in a short period of time and we're pleased to help them get to the next level," said Eric Hjerpe, partner with Kepha Partners. "We're excited to see their success within the current business framework and believe there is much greater potential given the capabilities of their mobile data collection system and its real-time business intelligence platform."

To support their planned growth, On The Spot Systems has added Scott Savitz, founder and former CEO of footwear retailer ShoeBuy, as an advisor to their leadership team. Savitz has a long relationship with Palmer as he was one of ShoeBuy's angel investors. "I've always appreciated my angel investors," Savitz said. "Being in a position to give back and support fellow entrepreneurs through the various incarnations of companies makes the entire process more fulfilling."


On The Spot Systems Announces Mobile Solution for 7-Eleven

7-Eleven Field Managers Use Mobile Field Data Collection System To Gather Real-Time Market Insights

7 Eleven PhotoJanuary 9, 2012 |  On The Spot Systems, a mobile systems provider, announced today that 7-Eleven, Inc. is using its Survey On The Spot mobile survey platform to capture feedback from managers in the field. 7-Eleven recognized the critical importance of gaining timely and accurate market-level data in order to make better business decisions and began using the mobile survey system in March.

"Using mobile technology to quickly and easily enable our field teams to provide real-time feedback is a terrific asset for our organization," said Steve Holland, 7-Eleven's chief technology officer. "Our previous paper-based system was time-consuming, and inefficient. We were not receiving nearly as much valuable feedback as we have since we began using Survey On The Spot."7-Eleven can easily create and administer the surveys and send them to their field managers' smartphones through a link delivered via email or text message. The survey system allows the field managers to complete store visitation checklists and assess merchandising performance and other market-level data collection needs while they are away from their office.

"Understanding market level conditions in real-time results in better decision making," said Scott McCombs, vice president of merchandising operations for 7-Eleven. "Survey On The Spot provides reliable and timely data in automated reporting so that we can see how we are doing with each question. We are able to take the data and respond more effectively to market changes."

By implementing Survey On The Spot, 7-Eleven is able to eliminate the need for secondary data entry commonly needed for paper-based surveys. Mobile access makes data collection more convenient than using a laptop, and field personnel can gain insights on the performance of their units across multiple locations on the same day. Field managers also can submit a photo in the survey for clear validation of performance issues. The use of location specific Quick Response (QR) codes can also be implemented to manage compliance and validate location details.

"Partnering with the team at 7-Eleven has resulted in identifying a new and powerful tool for our customers," said On The Spot Systems Co-founder and President Ken Kimmel. "Using Survey On The Spot for field data collection makes it easy for staff teams to obtain feedback from the field through their smartphones. Data is compiled immediately for rapid assessment and interpretation allowing a quicker response."

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7-Eleven Employs Mobile Field Data Collection System

Survey On The Spot helps 7-Eleven respond more effectively to market changes.

January, 2012 |  7-Eleven Inc. is using its Survey On The Spot mobile survey platform to capture feedback from managers in the field.

7-Eleven recognized the critical importance of gaining timely and accurate market-level data in order to make better business decisions and began using the mobile survey system in March.

“Using mobile technology to quickly and easily enable our field teams to provide real-time feedback is a terrific asset for our organization,” said Steve Holland, 7-Eleven’s chief technology officer. “Our previous paper-based system was time-consuming, and inefficient. We were not receiving nearly as much valuable feedback as we have since we began using Survey On The Spot.”

7-Eleven can easily create and administer the surveys and send them to their field managers’ smartphones through a link delivered via email or text message. The survey system allows the field managers to complete store visitation checklists and assess merchandising performance and other market-level data collection needs while they are away from their office.

“Understanding market level conditions in real-time results in better decision making,” said Scott McCombs, vice president of merchandising operations for 7-Eleven. “Survey On The Spot provides reliable and timely data in automated reporting so that we can see how we are doing with each question. We are able to take the data and respond more effectively to market changes.”

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Survey On The Spot Poised for Growth in Healthcare

Hospitals Find Benefits in Ease-of-use, Efficiency and Cost-cutting Features of Mobile Survey Provider

December 20, 2011  | On The Spot Systems, a mobile systems provider, today announced that it is receiving record-high responses from surveys in its healthcare sector. The system allows doctors to better understand the quality of care while saving hospitals time and money. It is currently used to survey patients at several different points of care in healthcare facilities including emergency rooms, transitional care units, and nursing departments.

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Survey On The Spot Delivers Patient Satisfaction Survey Application for Healthcare Industry

The Transitional Care Unit at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Uses iPad App to Immediately Receive and Respond to Patient Feedback

March 7, 2011 |  On The Spot Systems, a mobile systems provider, announced today that Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital is using its SURVEY ON THE SPOT iPhone survey application in the hospital’s Transitional Care Unit (TCU). The administration in the TCU recognized the critical importance of understanding patient service standards and launched their customized patient satisfaction survey on February 7, 2011.

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Survey On The Spot teams up with Olea Kiosks to Capture Customer Feedback.

November 8, 2010 | On The Spot Systems, a mobile systems provider, will have their customized SURVEY ON THE SPOT iPad survey app on display in the Olea Kiosks exhibit at the Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) trade show. Olea Kiosks offers a full range of self-service and multi-media kiosks. At the CETW trade show, Olea will capture customer feedback using SURVEY ON THE SPOT on an iPad mounted in their new PadLock iPad enclosure. This allows conference attendees to easily provide feedback via SURVEY ON THE SPOT’s custom branded and designed iPhone survey app tailored specifically for the trade show.

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Has mobile made feedback instantaneous? And do retailers like it?

November 2, 2010 | As part of their Survey on the Spot mobile application, On the Spot Systems, a mobile systems provider based in Boston, recently rolled out a custom-branded and designed survey tailored for salons and spas.

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On the Spot Systems Rolls Out New Survey on the Spot iPhone Survey App for Salons and Spas

October 26, 2010 | On The Spot Systems, a mobile systems provider, today announced that they have developed a custom branded and designed survey tailored specifically for salons and spas for their SURVEY ON THE SPOT mobile survey app. “The SURVEY ON THE SPOT application has been a huge success in the restaurant industry since we launched it last year,” said ON THE SPOT SYSTEMS Co-founder and CEO Geoff Palmer. “Salons and spas rely heavily on customer satisfaction. Now salon and spa customers will have the opportunity to offer feedback about their experience from the convenience of their phone, before they leave the premises.”

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Mobile Systems Provider Recognized for Outstanding Achievement for its SURVEY ON THE SPOT Mobile Survey Application

On The Spot Systems Selected as 2010 MITX Interactive Rewards Finalist in the "Mobile" and "Profesional Services" Categories for it's Survey On The Spot iPhone Survey App

October 21, 2010 | Mobile systems provider ON THE SPOT SYSTEMS has been selected as a finalist in the “Mobile” and “Professional Services” categories for the 15th Annual MITX Interactive Awards for its mobile survey application, SURVEY ON THE SPOT. Held annually by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, the MITX Awards recognize excellence in the creation of web innovations designed, produced or developed in New England.

"It is an honor to have been selected as finalist for two MITX Awards," said Geoffrey Palmer, CEO of ON THE SPOT SYSTEMS. “In the development of SURVEY ON THE SPOT, our goal was to allow businesses to easily collect rich insights from their customers while on premises. SURVEY ON THE SPOT surpasses any traditional web-based system by allowing businesses to instantly collect feedback in-the-moment while it’s fresh in a customer’s mind via mobile/handheld technology.”

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Health and Fitness Clubs Are Using Mobile Survey Technology to Immediately Receive and Respond to Customer Feedback

Survey On The Spot Delivers Powerful Member Experience Mobile Application for Health & Fitness Clubs

October 14, 2010 | On The Spot Systems, Inc., a mobile systems provider, today announced that they have launched SURVEY ON THE SPOT, a new mobile application with specific survey templates for health and fitness club businesses. “The Survey On The Spot application has been a huge success in restaurants and other industries since we launched it last year,” said ON THE SPOT SYSTEMS President and Co-founder Ken Kimmel. “Like restaurants, health and fitness facilities rely heavily on delivering great customer service. Now clubs can ask customers to provide feedback about their fitness center or yoga class experience from the convenience of their phone, before they leave the premises!”

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BostonCoach Utilizes New iPhone Survey App, "Survey On The Spot,"

April 28, 2010  | On The Spot Systems CEO Geoff Palmer today announced that BostonCoach, one of the country's leading providers of chauffeured ground transportation, has chosen the SURVEY ON THE SPOT mobile customer survey application as a platform to gather client feedback. Providing instant access to customer opinions, SURVEY ON THE SPOT enables businesses like BostonCoach to gather information from customers on their iPhones, smartphones and the web.

"We are thrilled to be working with BostonCoach," said Palmer. "SURVEY ON THE SPOT will enhance BostonCoach's efforts to gain insight into the needs of its clients, which is critical in the service business." As a service-focused company, BostonCoach recognizes the importance of quality customer service and therefore considers it a priority to respond to client feedback. SURVEY ON THE SPOT will help BostonCoach reach its service goals by allowing the business to receive service and satisfaction insights directly from the clients while they are experiencing the service in the company's vehicles.

"The thoughts and opinions of our clients are extremely important to us," said BostonCoach President and CEO Larry Moulter. "We are always eager to gather and learn from client feedback. The SURVEY ON THE SPOT mobile survey application enables us to engage our clients in real time and use their insights to provide client-focused, best-in-class service."

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Survey On The Spot to be Featured at Simmons Leadership Conference

April 15, 2010 |  ON THE SPOT SYSTEMS President Ken Kimmel today announced that the company's SURVEY ON THE SPOT mobile application will be featured at the Simmons Leadership Conference at The Seaport World Trade Center in Boston on Friday, April 30. "We are honored to have the opportunity to take part in such a well respected conference," said Palmer.

"By utilizing SURVEY ON THE SPOT to receive real-time feedback from conference attendees, Simmons is clearly demonstrating its commitment to being responsive to attendees' interests and input." The ON THE SPOT SYSTEMS team has developed several custom mobile surveys for conference attendees designed to garner valuable feedback and insight for conference organizers into various aspects of the conference. Surveys will cover everything from the registration process and individual sessions to feedback on the facilities and the conference as a whole.

The 2010 Simmons Leadership Conference - themed The Spirit of Resilience - is a showcase for women's collective achievements. The conference will feature leaders of state, top executives of major corporations, media personalities, and Hollywood celebrities. The program offers a day of information and inspiration for over 2,000 women seeking to compete in today's changing business climate while maintaining balance in their lives. Keynote speakers Tina Brown, Mia Farrow, Cicely Tyson, and Sheryl WuDunn will relate their professional experiences and personal stories.

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New iPhone App, "Survey On The Spot," Enables Air Travelers to Take TSA Survey Rating Airport Security Screening

SURVEY ON THE SPOT provides air travelers with easy access to a questionnaire that has been used by the TSA to rate screening procedures and gauge consumer confidence in the security of air travel.

December 31, 2009 | On The Spot Systems, Inc., announced today that their iPhone application, SURVEY ON THE SPOT, is now available to air travelers to rate airport security screening by completing a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) survey. SURVEY ON THE SPOT uses the iPhone's GPS to identify the user's location and enables smartphone users to answer a TSA questionnaire quickly and easily immediately after passing through the security checkpoint.

"The application is very easy to use. It can identify which airport you are flying out of, allowing you to provide the TSA with feedback on your experience immediately after you’ve passed through security screening," said Ken Kimmel, president of On The Spot Systems. “SURVEY ON THE SPOT also allows travelers to add photos and comments that they feel will help the TSA improve the national security system.”

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