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Business success begins by being able to quickly respond to your customers, employees, and the competitive marketplace. Our mobile tool empowers you to capture data efficiently, and then translate that data into the immediate, real world action you need to grow. Our vision is to provide businesses of all sizes - and across all industries - an online software system (SaaS) that is reliable and affordable.

Setting up mobile forms and surveys is a snap. Our intuitive user-interface gives you the ability to publish a customized survey in less than 15 minutes. And because On The Spot Systems® works on any smartphone, tablet or computer, users are more willing to engage, giving you the most accurate information possible, through a fun and easy collection process.

Our surveys can be accessed by simply sending a text message! To see how it works text DEMOS to 787839 *. Survey On The Spot also works with any browser and mobile device. To see a demo click here:

* Message and data rates may apply.

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