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On The Spot Systems® makes data collection simple and fun. Our easy-to-use web portal lets you set up and maintain a personalized survey that will work on virtually any mobile device. Features like instant publishing, third-party integration, and fully customizable content and visuals mean getting up and running is simple. Each survey also has the ability to generate a variety of measurements, all unique to your business needs. 


Custom Branding Options


Customize with confidence

Choose a survey from one of our various templates, or build one from scratch with our easy-to-use survey designer. You have complete control of the style and wording of each question, so your tailor-made survey produces data specific to your business. Branching, skipping, and randomization logic are available to give you the confidence that your survey is yielding the most accurate results possible.

You can also customize the look of your survey or mobile form by adding your brand logo, colors, and choosing from one of our 40 background templates.

Your survey will work on any web-enabled mobile-device, including tablets and smartphones, and also on desktop web browsers.

There’s no need to download an app!


Publish your survey for participant use

The next step is to officially publish your survey. On The Spot Systems® auto-detects the web browser type and adjusts its layout to generate a positive user experience regardless of what device its being taken on. This means each user is guaranteed a customized, beautiful interface, whether they take your survey on a mobile device or a traditional web browser. There are a variety of other ways your survey can be retrieved by potential participants:


Our system automatically creates a unique link based on a system-generated alpha code (usually 5-7 letters long that attaches to our URL). Every survey can be accessed on any web browser with your unique URL in a shortened format called a universal short URL.


Within our system, you have the option to create a custom, short survey code called an alias. This link can be emailed, included on a web page or newsletter, embedded in a QR code, posted on a social media site, displayed on marketing materials, etc.


Our system automatically generates a unique QR code for each survey in your account. When a user scans the QR code, the QR code will push them directly to the survey URL and start the survey.


On The Spot Systems® also offers the option to “Txt4Survey”. Survey participants simply send a text message of your unique survey code (alias) to our text address SURVEY (787839) and the link to your survey is sent to a participant immediately via a single SMS text message. 


You can embed your custom survey anywhere you can edit HTML on the web or mobile web. You may want to embed your survey in a mobile website to interact with visitors on your site. Or you may want to direct people to take the survey on your website to help drive traffic to your site.

Go Live Survey Access Images

Survey Board


Encourage participation in your survey

Encouraging users to take your survey can be as easy as prompting them to participate on their own smartphone or tablet, at a kiosk, or on a mobile device that employees provide at the end of service. For many industries, the use of our Survey Boards has been exceptionally successful at improving participation response rates and quality of responses. 

Or you may prefer to simply place printed materials that direct users to take your survey on their mobile device in high-traffic locations within your business. Check out our downloadable On The Spot Systems® marketing examples to help you get started with your marketing efforts.

Whatever your approach, your respondents will be excited to participate in such an innovative process. And more importantly, you’ll be consistently pleased with the positive responses your survey receives, as well as the actionable business data it provides you.


Define your company benchmark metics

There’s automation and customization on the receiving end as well, as On The Spot Systems® allows you to define your own reporting benchmarks. You can choose from a variety of pre-set scoring parameters, or set your own service standards for reporting within our system.

Additionally, for every survey question type with multiple response options (satisfaction sliders and multiple choice), you can set reporting values for each individual response. This means your reports automatically generate a weighted-value-average based on your unique metrics.

You may also set thresholds for a question as a whole. Report labels are custom and don’t need to be the same as your questions. (Your survey can be fun and friendly, while your report reflects your company’s business metrics verbiage.) Thresholds can be set for a maximum service standard, too. This allows you to report values for each location or employee, and immediately identify areas where you’re exceeding your benchmark goals, and where you have room for improvement. Learn more ►

Company Scorecard Report of Survey Values

Set Report Labels Thresholds

Examples of Popular Reports


It’s instant analytics, at your fingertips

Good management isn’t a guessing game. Real-time reporting and analytics means you can track your business’ progress, and make important decisions with the support of tangible data. Because, when it comes to your business's daily operations, we understand that it's small data that has the power to make the biggest impact. 

You’ll have access to a variety of report types – including charts, graphs, scorecards, and word clouds – that can be further customized to meet your needs. Narrow your report down to help with service issues, or create a report over a period of time to guide larger strategic thinking.

You can also create a report unique to each employee to measure individual performance. And secure administrative access ensures data integrity.

Reports can be easily viewed online, or as an exported Excel, CSV, or PDF file. You can schedule reports to be sent automatically by email to anyone in your organization. Each person will see the level of detail that is appropriate for his or her role or responsibilities. Learn more ►




Email Marketing Integrations



Other Integrations Logo


Connect your surveys and forms to your third-party providers


Email-marketing and rewards program providers

These integrations allow you to collect email addresses, specific demographic information, and contact information through our system:

Constant Contact: Set up an automatic integration with a Constant Contact account to grow and manage an email-marketing database or a loyalty reward program.

The Customer Connection: Set up an automatic integration with your The Customer Connection account to grow and manage an email, direct mail, or loyalty program.

mUrgent: Set up an automatic integration with a mUrgent account to grow and manage an email-marketing database or a loyalty reward program.

Fishbowl: Set up an automatic integration with a Fishbowl account to grow and manage an email-marketing database or a loyalty reward program. 

Paytronix: Set up an automatic integration with a Paytronix account to grow and manage an email loyalty and rewards program.

Capture Code: Set up an automatic integration with a Capture Code account to grow and manage an email loyalty and rewards program.

Sundrop Mobile Loyalty: Set up an automatic integration with a Sundrop Mobile account to grow and manage an email loyalty and rewards program.


Other Integration Types 

Level Up: Get feedback on your business by integrating your survey into your Level Up account. Your users can access your survey within the Level Up App payment receipt.

Facebook: Push respondents that have given positive survey responses to Facebook to post an additional review, or to Like your Facebook page, right from your survey. Or post surveys to your Facebook Wall with the click of a button.

Twitter: Push respondents that have given positive survey responses to Twitter to post additional praise, or to follow you on Twitter, right from your survey. Or share your surveys with your Twitter followers with one click. 

Don’t see your ideal integration tool? Contact us to let us know who you’d like to see On The Spot Systems® integrate with next! 

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